blue screen

How to Create Your Own Green (or Blue) Screen Effects

Using the Color Key filter is an easy way to remove the background from a video with a solid color. The best part is it’s rendered live in your web browser, without needing to wait to see the results. You can choose from tons of pre-made stock footage that has a green background for easy…

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animated zoom

Animating photos is as easy as drag and drop

Our goal is to make the video editing process as easy as possible, and our team is constantly walking the line between adding advanced features while keeping them easy to use. To give editors on our platform a way to animate photos and videos, while keeping it simple and fast, we added the Animated Zoom…

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Collaborative video editing on Libravid

How to share a video editing project

One of the most complicated parts of the video editing process is when you need to share work with a team, especially if they are spread out geographically. Transferring large amounts of media, keeping track of project versions, converting formats, and unending email chains can cause headaches for even the most seasoned post production expert.…

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Editing a rough cut on Libravid

Real-time collaboration for video is here

Up until now, the collaboration tools for video mostly focused on work after the video was edited, and not the actual editing process. But the editing process is where the majority of time is spent, and thus where the majority of time savings is possible. That’s why we built the platform — to accelerate the…

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media library

How to edit video remotely in your web browser

With remote work becoming the norm and teams becoming increasingly separated by geography, it’s important for teams to use the best tools to keep their creative pipelines running smoothly. Footage needs to be secure, everyone needs to access it, and editing needs to be a fast moving collaboration. Traditionally, this meant shipping hard drives, uploading…

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