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Cloud Video Editing for Any Industry

No matter what kind of video you produce, editing in the cloud makes everything easier. Whether you work in news, sports, social media, education, branded content, or any other industry, the browser-based video editor on axledit makes editing a breeze.

Read the specifics below for each industry, and sign up for free to see how fast post-production can be.

Online video editor, with multiple video tracks and graphics.

News and Sports

If you’re near breaking news or in a stadium, but your team is miles away, you can edit your segment in the cloud while your team adds b-roll and graphics.

In a race to publish as fast as possible, getting immediate feedback and approval is key, and there’s nothing faster than reviewing while you edit.

Sharing videos on Instagram and YouTube

Social Media Creators

For videos that need a quick edit and a short review process, axledit is the perfect platform. We built the video editor to be fast, simple, and easy to use.

Edit your video in a web browser, drop in graphics and music, get feedback from your team, and publish it. Once published, you can monitor the performance and watch your audience grow.

A kid studying at home, using his laptop.


The axledit platform is a great way to learn valuable editing skills that will make students more versatile as they enter the job market.

With no software to download and install, an easy way for teachers to review projects, and free accounts with everything a student needs, axledit is the perfect way to hone video editing skills using just a web browser.

A professional video editor, using to edit her videos.

Craft Editing and Branded Content

With all of the footage on one cloud platform, everyone can comment, log, approve, and tag from anywhere. Producers can create line cuts of interviews in their web browser, and editors can get their rough cuts approved much faster.

If editors want to use other programs to finish their cut, they can export an XML or EDL of their sequence. With axledit as the starting point, the editing process can get a huge head start and save everyone a lot of time and stress.

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