media library

Media Asset Management

Store your audio, video, images, and documents securely in the cloud, and apply custom metadata for fast searching and sorting. Files can be tagged and shared easily, while adhering to strict role-based permissions and security.

Your Secure Media Library

With accelerated multipart uploads using our global CDN, footage uploads fast. Once in the cloud, it’s transcoded for smooth playback and editing, and can be viewed from anywhere.

Team members in different locations can view, edit, and publish the same content without worrying about storage, version control, or consolidating feedback.

video metadata on Libravid

Custom Metadata

Create a custom metadata schema to store the most important info, with fields types including text, dropdown lists, multi-select lists, and dates. Metadata becomes instantly searchable when updated. Additionally, media properties are automatically extracted from your files to display.

Robust Tagging

Tag files for instant searching and grouping. You can also create Collections that automatically update and list files with matching tags. It’s a great way to collect footage for an edit, or share a link that updates automatically for clients to view the latest media.

Libravid log notes on video

Searchable Video Logs

The web-based logging tool allows viewing and logging timecode-accurate notes for images and video, which can be searched later. Clicking a log note selects that moment’s in and out points, which can be used to easily add the segment to a sequence being edited.

Editing roles and permissions on Libravid

Access Control

Create user roles with different permissions and assign them to your team, controlling who can access certain projects, view, delete, edit, and more. You can grant read-only access, full access, and everything in between.

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