Powerful Video Editing in a Web Browser

The revolutionary video editor plays videos smoothly no matter the format, and renders effects live as you add them. With real-time collaboration, multiple tracks, and drag-and-drop simplicity, you’ll love how easy yet powerful it is.

Real-time Collaboration

The Easiest Multi-Editor Around

Everyone on the team can view and edit sequences at the same time, with changes and comments pushed live. Plus, you can lock your sequence if you only want people to view and not modify. Everyone is on the same page, with complete control over the level of collaboration.

Instant Review

Shorten the review time to zero by watching edits as they are made. No more time will be wasted exporting, sharing, waiting, reminding, consolidating, and sharing again. Approvers can give live feedback, with comments and changes synced automatically. Publish ahead of deadlines with the most streamlined post production possible.

Collaborative video editing on Libravid


Renderless Previews

All effects are rendered live during playback so you can adjust clips and keep editing, without waiting to see what the final result will look like.

Color Correction

Built-in filters like Hue, Saturation, Brightness, and Contrast let you easily adjust the color of your video with a few clicks.

Customize Text and Fonts

The text tool lets you add single line or multi-line text over your videos, with custom font families, styles, line spacing, and more.

Transform Your Video

Change the scale and position of clips with a drag of the mouse. Crop, rotate, and position clips, with changes displayed immediately.

Ready-to-Use Stock Media

Search for images, videos, graphics, and backgrounds to add to your videos by dragging and dropping.

Size Ratios Perfect for Social Media

Use built-in settings for horizontal, vertical, or square videos depending on the platform your video will be shown on.

Alpha Channel Support

Videos and graphics uploaded with alpha channels will be displayed accurately during playback without needing to render.

Audio Gains

Keep an ear on your audio mix with a live gain meter and effects like volume adjustment and panning.

Make Selects Easily

Producers and clients can create rough cuts of their favorite moments, or log clips with in/out points for what they want to use. With everyone accessing the same footage, editing gets a head start.

FCP XML export

Transfer to Other Programs

Sequences can be exported in XML and EDL format, for sharing with other programs like Adobe Premiere or Davinci Resolve. Save time by starting in the cloud, then transfer for final color correct and finishing.

blue screen

Fast Color Keying

Remove the background color from your green screen or blue screen footage easily. Drag and drop the filter, adjust settings, and see a live preview in your browser.

Get Started for Free

The best way to see the video editor in action is to try it for yourself. Sign up for free, upload some video, and give it a spin!